The Weimapeake is a deliberate cross between the purebred Weimaraner and the purebred Chesapeake Bay Retriever. Bred to have the ‘die hard’ retriever instinct known only to the Chessie and the close working prey drive the Weimaraner is known for.  This mix makes an excellent all year hunting companion. The webbed feet and heavier coat from the Chessie allow the Weimapeake to hunt waterfowl with ease. The Weim birdiness and the Chessie retrieval instinct make the Weimapeake an outstanding upland hunter with little training needed.  Weimapeakes tend not to have the smelly, oily coat known to other retriever breeds.  Our weimapeakes are very easy to train, are close working in the field and are excellent retrievers.  They have great dispositions and are great family pets.

Size: The size of the Weimapeake is close to that of the Weimaraner and Chesapeake.  Height ranging from 21-27 inches and weighing between 60-90lbs on average.

 Coat: The coat of the Weimapeake tends to be shorter with less shedding than most retrievers. The coat requires minimal attention like that of the Weimaraner and still repels water if properly maintained. The coat can be washed more frequently without destroying the coat unlike the chesi.  The Weimapeakes shedding is minimal or not at all. It is not uncommon to see different coat lenghts in the same litter. F1 crosses tend to have the flattest, shortest coats while the f1b crosses tend to handle a cold hunt better. The multi generation cross will give the most color. 

 Character:  The Weimapeake is an extremely devoted to its family and often reserved with strangers.  The Weimapeake is friendly, playful, eager to work and extremely intelligent.  The Weimapeake requires firm but gentle handling.  The Weimapeake needs a pack leader. Without leadership the Weimapeake will take the upper-paw if given the chance. 

 Temperament:  The Weimapeake requires proper socialization at an early age.  The Weimapeake gets along with dogs and other household pets.  The Weimapeake is friendly towards people of all ages if socialized properly.  The calm, yet playful nature of the Weimapeake makes it an excellent family dog.  The Weimapeake is often reserved with strangers and will protect its family if threatened.

 Care:  The short hair of the Weimapeake makes it an easy keep.  Periodically brush to remove dead hairs. Normal ear cleaning, nail clipping and bathing will help keep the Weimapeake in top condition.

 Training:  Short and consistent training is the best for the Weimapeake.  The training sessions must end on a positive note for best results.  The Weimapeake is eager to please and learns quickly.  It can sometimes be stubborn but remaining the pack leader will help the Weimapeake learn with ease. The Weimapeake can excel in a variety of areas; sporting events, obedience, flyball, agility, etc.

 Activity:  Like all sporting breeds the Weimapeake is an active dog which needs regular ‘off leash’ exercise.  Without an outlet for pent-up energy the Weimapeake can become destructive and behavior problems can arise. 

Keep in mind that a weimapeake is a mix and is not considered PUREBRED and the characteristics could lean more to one parent breed over the other. In general we get a nice balance of characterisitcs.  Both parent breeds have similiar behaviors and characteristics and are of similiar size so the range is not extreme which makes for a more preditable outcome. 

Weimapeakes have been bred throughout the midwest for decades.  We are now seeing more breeders with this cross.  We are seeing lots of hunting guide services using hunting dog mixes over PB dogs as well--for the same reasons we hunt behind a weimapeake Im sure.

Remi- the best weimapeake we have ever owned.  She was a great companion to us and our kids.  A great hunter and hands down the easiest dog we have ever trained. She is gone but not forgotten. Feb 2001-Nov 2016.

Tank came from one of the first litters of weimapeakes we raised. Beautiful boy and my brother's first dog.

Previous weimapeakes we've owned and trained

Mosey was a dog that came back to us. She adapted well to country life and a busy house hold.  We put some training into her and placed her in another home. This girl is an amazing tracker. 

Our Weimapeakes -- Not for sale

Previous pups we have raised. These pups have already found homes.

Diego was a dog we brought in from RI. Amazing dog with a huge heart.  He loved his people! 

Bliss was a gal we held back to raise and train.  She was super easy to work with and a quick study. This dog loves the water and she sticks out as the dog with the big retrieves. We sold her as a started dog.  

Beau - our go-getter. This boy loves the action and having a job to do.  He still has his happy go lucky puppy attitude but can get serious when it is needed. He is a super easy dog for our kids to work with. Give this boy some water and a ball and he's the happiest boy around.

Karma- our headstrong one.  This girl has been a challenge to raise but we love every minute of it.  She is a fantastic hunter, can handle the challenge of raising 3 boys and loves her people.