Blue- is our goof ball.  He loves to play and be out with the boys.  He can make a game of anything.  Sometimes he thinks he is the top dog and he is easily reminded that he is not. He has been a very easy dog to work with. He is a natural retiever. He is an AKC blue that averages 70lbs.

Wren is our goofy one.  This girl is a natural clown but I dont think she knows it.  She is eager to get out on the trails and loves the water.  She is very food oriented and very easy to train. She is a natural retiever. Wren is an AKC silver weim that averages 75lbs. She comes from a long line of PSP weims.

Previous pups we have raised. These pups have all found homes

my family tree

Bea- our matriarch and our designated child guardian. She truely enjoys being a mother hen!  If someone gets to roudy. She will step in.  She is our chore pal and will assist whether her help is needed or not.  She is a very pleasant but serious weim.  A natural retriever and excellent on sticking with a scent trail. She is an AKC silver female that averages 70lbs.

on my mother's side

Our Weimaraners


my dad


my parents

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Weimaraners of the past. Some of these dogs make up parts of the pedigrees of some of our current dogs.