1st pick female-HOLD-Color will be chosen @ 8weeks of age

2nd pick female-reserved.

1 Black n Silver

1 Salt n Pepper

1 Black

Toby- this stunning little guy is our cuddler. He is a bit reserved in new situations but doing well in our training program. RESERVED

  • If you are serious about adopting a PSP dog or pup, please email us for an adoption form.
  • Visits are set up by appointment only. 
  • Dogs and Puppies for adoption are on this page only.
  • Please research the breed before adopting.  Our dogs are a great choice for OUR FAMILY but they may not be the right choice for your lifestyle or family. I cannot stress enough the importance of researching the breed beyond the reads of a book and being completely sure you can give what the dog you choose needs both mentally and physically.

 Wren (7yrs) is retired and  up for adoption. See her bio on the weimaraner page.  Please contact us for details. B

The pups are growing so fast and doing well in training.  They are really opening up and showing their character.

Pennie- this sweet little black n silver girl is quite the princess.  Don't let the cuteness fool you.  She won't hesitate to run with the big dogs 1st  and 2nd pick females reserved.

Shady- this little beauty likes to explore. It is so cute when to tries to convince her siblings to go with her.  1st  and 2nd pick females reserved.

Quinn- this little salt n pepper gal is quite observant. She is always watching and in-tune with her surroundings. She does love having her picture taken.  1st  and 2nd pick females reserved.

Breck- Black male who for the moment is calm and quiet.  He enjoys exploring  already and didn't miss a beat when we had our 1st into with the big dogs.-RESERVED

                                                                   Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Wintson- This stunning young man is already a great protector.  He is fearless and was ready to run with the big dogs the minute he met them. AVAILABLE


(507)456-3458 leave message

                                                  Miniature Schnauzer puppies for sale

Bolt- this handsome salt n pepper male loves the action.  His little schnauzer antics are such a joy to watch! AVAILABLE

We will be planning  a litter for 2022 .  More details will be known when she comes into heat.

      Weimaraner puppies for sale- Natural or docked tails At this time, our weims are retired so no future weimaraner or weimapeake litters are planned.


1st pick Salt n Pepper-RESERVED

2nd pick Salt n Pepper-AVAILABLE


Black n Silver--AVAILABLE

Our Gypsy/Rave Litter has arrived. DOB 5/2/2022. Pups are doing fantastic. Pups will come utd on shots/wormings, vet exam, mico-chipped, written health guarantee & puppy packet.  Training towards a well balanced dog will also be started.