Our Jersey x Hank litter has arrived. DOB 9/30/22. 

1st pick female-reserved              1st pick male-reserved

2nd pick female- reserved           2nd pick male-available

3rd pick female-available             3rd pick male- available

  • If you are serious about adopting a PSP dog or pup, please email us for an adoption form.
  • Visits are set up by appointment only. 
  • Dogs and Puppies for adoption are on this page only.
  • Please research the breed before adopting.  Our dogs are a great choice for OUR FAMILY but they may not be the right choice for your lifestyle or family. I cannot stress enough the importance of researching the breed beyond the reads of a book and being completely sure you can give what the dog you choose needs both mentally and physically.

Ducky dk brown male- this boy his making progress in his one on one training. He is one not to be pushed and does not handle long sessions or over corrections. He is so sweat and willing to learn.  He will require a handler that will keep his training positive and soft touch in his training. 

McGee- dk deadgrass male- This goof is a hoot.  We just love this guys happy energy and he has even gotten the old matriarch to play with him.  he will require a handler with patience so it does not hinder his spirit. 

Abby- dk deadgrass female- this little girl is so sweat and loves her one on one time. she can be hesitant in new situations and has done well with one on one training.  She will require a handler that will give her plenty of positive experiences and soft touch in her training. 

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Puppies planned for spring 2023. Check back for dates and details. 

Jethro- dk deadgrass male.  Jethro is the 'man' in his mind.  He tries to be bossy but easily accepts a fair pack leader.  this guy does not believe in personal space.  he will require a firm but fair pack leader.

Zeva- lt brown female- she is so happy and eagar to please.  She can be demanding and wants to be in the center of it all. she can be a bit pushy so a strong but fair pack leader is a must with this girl. She reminds us of Jersey in so many ways.

Kate- dk brown female- this little girl is our go getter.  Takes challenges like a champ and has had perfect recall from the beginning.  She will do best with a handler who will give her a job to do. 

Working with these pups is so much fun!  They really enjoy being out and about and have had no problems adjusting to being part of the pack and learning some lessons as we go.  They are now old enough and tag along on our trail walks, playing in the snow and running through the mud. It is a real pleasure in working with these pups and watching them develope into wonderful well balanced pups!

                                                                   Chesapeake Bay Retriever


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