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                                                             Weimapeake puppies for sale- Natural Tails

Moose-male-orange band.

                                                                   Chesapeake Bay Retriever

If all goes to plan a litter will due mid-late april 2020. $900

Coco-- female-blue band and Kobe- Male- green band .

Duke-male-tan band.

Winni-- female-yellow band.


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                                                  Miniature Schnauzer (natural tails)puppies for sale $900

                                                          Weimaraner puppies for sale- Natural or docked tails $900

Millie-- female-red band.

Litter due late april 2020

  • If you are serious about adopting a PSP dog or pup, please email us for an adoption form.
  • Visits are set up by appointment only. 
  • Dogs and Puppies for adoption are on this page only.
  • There is a section for each of our 3 breeds.
  • Please research the breed before adopting.  Our 3 breeds are a great choice for OUR FAMILY but they may not be the right choice for your lifestyle or family. I cannot stress enough the importance of researching the breed beyond the reads of a book and being completely sure you can give what the dog you choose needs both mentally and physically.

P​ups have arrived. DOB  march 20 2020 $900 -- Baily x Hank

An all brown litter. Pick up date is tentatively planned for 5-23-20

Individual puppy picking will not be available until the pups are orlder.

1st pick F-RESERVED                                 ​1st Pick M- RESERVED

2nd Pick F-RESERVED                               ​2nd Pick M- AVAILABLE

3rd Pick F- RESERVED                              ​3rd Pick M- AVAILABLE