​​​We are passionate about our dogs and serious about our breeding program.  We carefully select our breeding dogs based on health, desire, calm nature, tractability and confirmation. The animal may be the most beautiful or the hardest working in the state but if we cannot live with it in our family life, we care not to add it to our breeding program.  

We prefer to personally own and or handle the dogs before we decide to plan a litter with the pair.  Even if the dog isn't our primary hunter, we still train to ensure we are passing on instinct and desire. It is important that we know our dogs inside and out before making the decision to plan a litter with the pair. Often times we will hold a pup or two back to watch them grow to be sure our program is moving in the right direction.  

Our breeding program is weaved within our family life. Litters are planned around our schedules so that we have the time to devote to the care and training needed for that litter.  Litters are not planned on short notice.  If we cannot commit to raising a litter when one of our gals is ready we will not breed her. Often our dogs do not have a yearly litter.

Much time and work is put into raising,  training and socializing our pups so we do not plan for many pups at a time.  It takes the whole family to help in raising our pups. Our pack and our family are important tools we use to help raise our pups.

We take the time to attend seminars to continue our education on health, training and nutrition.  we want our crew looking and feeling their best and are always looking at the best ways to keep our four legged friends in tip top shape mentally and physically.

We feed our dogs the best foods and supplements on the

market as well as raising our dogs and puppies holisitically

with vaccines that are recommended for our breeds and healthier approaches to combat parasites and pests. 

​With our schedules getting busier we have made the decision to stop our weimaraner and weimapeake breeding program in 2020 when our last weim gal retrired.  At this point we have no plans to start up again.  Perhaps we will reivew this again if life slows down.