It really seems weird to just out and say this but our dog jax was hit by a truck a month ago and we lost him.  Its was really hard  for the first couple weeks, but after spending a weekend at a buddies house with his dog, I just realized that im a dog guy and I just need to move on and get another dog. 

  I attached a few pictures of jax, I guess even now I just like to show him off.  Quite simply jax was the best dog I have ever had, he went to work with me every single day.  He went camping, kayaking, fishing, and hunting with me.  He loved to retrieve, and took so naturally to hunting.  Im not saying that we didn’t train together ourselves, but he out hunted professionally trained labs, german wire hairs, german short hairs, Weimaraners, and spaniels.  He had just as good of eyes and nose as any one of those dogs, but he had more endurance, agility, and a much fiercer desire to retrieve than any of the others.   

 I spent the week looking at other breeds and thinking about whether I wanted to go with a different breed or if I wanted to go with another weimapeake, and I just don’t think there is  another breed that can beat them.

 Anyways… please keep me updated on the spring litter

 Thanks dustin

It has been just over three years since I contacted you about one of your puppies. I arranged to buy my puppy from you in March of 2010. His name is Taos and he was a puppy from Marlie and Benelle. I just wanted to express how amazing this dog is. He has a personality that people are constantly commenting on and is very well mannered, although excited when familiar faces come by. He rarely barks but does have a grumbling howl that he uses to let you know he has a treat coming or that he is very disappointed that he can not go Deer hunting. He almost seems to talk to you. He is fantastic in the field and I swear he jumps 6 feet in the air. This insane vertical allows him to clear the tall cane grass in the sloughs of North Dakota and keep on eye on you so as not to get too far ahead while flushing. He loves to swim and cruises through the water when retrieving. He is an amazing dog in many ways, as a hunting companion, and a friend, and as a family member. He gets along very well with other dogs even when sharing space such during pheasant hunting when we have 7-9 dogs at the camp. He is  very vocal when he needs to be such as if I am distracted and he needs to get out to go to the bathroom or something. He is loving and very obedient, sometimes with a little attitude but he always listens. I can't thank you enough. I am attaching some pictures and I hope they come through alright. Again, thank you very much for this amazing addition to my family. I hope this finds you well and I am able to contact you in the future for a another puppy. 


~Ryan, ND

Just sending a quick note to thank you again for our puppy.  Bella  is so much fun. Here is a picture of the beautiful smile she greets is with as well as a couple of others. She's absolutely gorgeous!
Take care,

I just wanted to take a minute to Thank You for the Wiemapeake pup we recently purchased. We have never been happier with a breed or a breeder on a puppy purchase. Over the years, we have had a number of labs, water spaniels, and 1 German Shepard. You said people would think we had the smartest black lab alive, and you were/are right. Desi has been the easiest dog to train I have ever had. She has spent days in the kennel and every evening/night for the past six weeks in our entry way. She crate trained in less than 24 hours, had one accident of the wet kind which was not repeated, and only came into the house once which was not repeated. Her personality is very kind and gentle. We have seven grandchildren under 7 years old, who can not stop petting her. She just sits there and loves every minute. The other dogs we have had either got so excited they would knock them down or shy completely away. She loves to retrieve and I plan to start her on live birds next week. We go for walks in the woods weekly. As our other dog has a tendency to range out too far, Desi stays closer and if she gets too far, one tap on the whistle and she comes back in. Overall, in the field, the house, or with the little kids, I couldn't be happier. Our old lab has a couple of years left. I'm not sure how early I need to put in an order, but I will be in contact.

Thanks again,

                                                                     ~ Schultz Family

Wow!  Laura, you were right.  You said that people would comment on how smart our lab is and the look on their faces when I say "this is no lab, this is a weimapeake" is pricless.  We have had a number of labs over the years and our Tucker listens than any dog we have ever owned.  He is so calm and gentle with our children.  He was potty trained from day one and has picked up on hand signals much faster than any other dogs we have ownd.

Thanks for a wonderful dog!!

                                                                ~Bodine Family


Thank you again for giving us the chance to adopt one of your weimapeakes.  When our beloved Molly passed away we wanted another weim in the worst way but were unsure if we wanted to go through with the personality quarks that are common in alot of weims; our Molly did have separation anxiety and we have had some of our things destroyed.  The personality of our weimie made it all worth while.  When we came to visit we were so exited to see those weimies and were convinced that we were going to own another one soon!  When we were greeted by those weimapeake puppies and they gave us the same classic weimie look we were having second thoughts on a weime baby.  After talking with you about them, we were convinced that this is the dog for us.

Our Mogran is now 2 and she has not had a single weimie quark as we have experienced in the past.  She is much more relaxed with strangers than our other Molly was.  She is just as smart as any weim we have owned in the past and most of all she can read our every thought just as our dear Molly could.  We couldn't be happier.

Thanks again for breeding such a wonderful dog!

                                                                ~Nielson Family

I bought a puppy from your litter that was born March 5th, 2012.  I want to send you some pictures of how he's grown up and how beautiful he is.  We love him so much and he's such a good dog. We named him Doc Holliday.  He's almost 11 months old as of now.

Anderson Family

Hi Laura!
I'm sure you don't remember me, but my husband and I got the female blue Weim from you back in November of 2007 from Moose and Jazz's litter. We can't believe Remy is going to be 9yrs old next month!

I had someone asking me about where we got our Weim and I just wanted to let you know I am going to pass along your information and wanted to reach out and say hello. I am attaching some pics of Remy, she is the best! Definitely the most spoiled child in the house. Thanks again for a great dog!!

Svetkovich Family

Myself and Tahoe Opener 2014.  We limited out in 30 minutes.  Tahoe retrieved every bird and a few from the other groups that couldn't find them in the cattails!  Truly an amazing nose.  Tahoe is now 5 years old and 75 lbs of solid muscle. He has been a great addition to my entire family.  My parents really want him for their own :)  He is a stud in the field, and I have ran him at the local state pheasant hunting championships a couple times.  He is an amazing pheasant and duck hunting dog. I whistle, hand, and voice trained him at the age of 12 weeks. Now through time and advanced training he is become the complete package.  I can't tell you how many comments I get about him at local hunting and fishing events.  Very obedient to me, my wife, extended family, and kids.  Any one can take control of him in the field.

His relentless desire to retrieve is amazing and is an every minute of the day need for him :)  He was trying to break ice at the age of 9 months to get my Goldeneye off the thin ice.  He has done some amazing things in the field for me. So many stories it brings a smile to my face.  

Thank you again for the great companion and hunting partner!

Deke ("Rock") born 3-1-12 to Karma and Diego - he was the largest and had the thickest coat. 76 lbs. Healthy as a horse. Regal creature and we get a lot of compliments, most people think he is a silver lab. Great upland and water dog. Started out @ 6 months and retrieved 55 ducks that weekend. Prefers to hunt pheasant as it's more of a challenge for him, he would rather flush than retrieve. Couldn't have asked for a better dog, especially being our first. He is great with kids, LOVES people, especially his immediate family. He is extremely smart. His bark will keep strangers out of the yard, but if you get too close he will lick ya to death! Definitely has both the chessie and Weim in him, your description Laura of the breakdown of the Weimapeake is pretty darn close to 100%! 

 We will definitely be purchasing another Weimapeake from you next year. .... seriously an AWESOME best friend and fur baby :) 

I thought I would share an update with you on Merida (formerly Java). She is a super sweet girl who wants to please me and have a good time. She is a good swimmer (though she is not 100% sure she likes water yet). Is an excellent retriever (tennis balls are her favorite). She loves her Uncle/Brother Olaf (Amigo) and her cousin Bucky a Great Dane. Even though she is a little shrimpy compared to them she holds her own pretty well. At the end of the day she wants nothing more than to curl up next to me. Great personality, smart, and awesome dog. A lot like her mom  Sage. Thanks for such a great pup!

Robbin's Family

I hope all is well. I wanted to send an update on Remington - he is such a wonderful dog and we are blessed to have him in our family. A natural in water and on the field. We get so many compliments and can't thank you enough! Here is a photo of him and his dad after a morning of hunting. 

​Lyttle Family


 Sorry it has taken so long to send an update, but I thought you might like to know what is going on with Hank.  We decided to call him Kai, but Tank would probably be more appropriate.  We weighed him last week, and he weighed 49#s.  I call him "chunky monkey" because he doesn't look big until you try to pick him up.  He is very compact!  Kai loves to fetch, and he loves to go to the lake.  He is already retrieving practice ducks in the lake, and he can retrieve at the same distances, and swim just as fast as Hoss. 

 Unlike Hoss, Kai is ornery as all get out.  He is very vocal and loves to play fight with Fish (our rescue).  He is like a bull in a china closet, but he is also very sweet.  Kai has a little bit of a submissive tinkle problem, but I think he might be starting to grow out of it.  Also unlike Hoss, Kai is a chewer.  He ate my favorite sandals night before last (because his daddy wasn't keeping a good eye on him).  Kai is very curious about the cat and tries to play with her.  Fish has taught him how to chase toad frogs and dig.  They have lots of fun together.

 Kai is very healthy and drinks lot and lots of water (and gets it everywhere).  He has a ridge (or cowlick) down the middle of his nose, and a white ring around his tail.  We have been doing drywall work here, and I thought he had gotten into the paste with his tail, but no, it is definitely a "birthmark."  Kai does not like baths unless it is in the lake.  Kai loves strawberries, sweet potato, and an occasional roasted marshmallow.  Kai does not EVER turn away his dinner, and he likes to make sure Hoss and Fish didn't leave any behind as well.  He is fearless and rowdy.  He is very smart.

I will try to get the photos that Bart took of Kai fetching ducks in the lake.  Until then, I have attached pics of Kai at the lake, and on the way home from the lake.

It is interesting how Kai and Hoss are both very good at their job, but they are exact opposites in personality and behavior.  We definitely got spoiled by having Hoss as a puppy.  He was so well behaved and non destructive as a puppy that we forgot how challenging they can be.  Kai definitely keeps us on our toes like having a toddler, and he is in to everything.  We are just lucky that we have Fish to wrestle with him because Hoss rarely cares to participate.  He will tolerate Kai lying next to him, and play tug of war outside, but he is out on the rough housing and shenanigans.

Finally, All of our pups get lots of compliments and attention when we go places.  They all get compliments for how well behaved they are in public, and folks just go on and on about how beautiful they are (Hoss's coloring and Kai's pink nose).  Thanks for allowing us to adopt from you twice.  We are so very happy with our fur family.

Davis Family  

Wanted to share the picture we had taken at national the weekend of Halloween.  Gabi and I got High in Trial in Obedience with a 198 in Novice.  The day before, we had a 198.5, tied for High in Trial, but lost the runoff.

Gabi is an absolutely AWESOME dog!  You did a good job helping pick her out.  Thank you.


Thought you might want a few current pics of London/Chelsea.  Doubt you have many of your pups swimming in their namesake-Chesapeake Bay.

 Therrien Family~

 My boyfriend Rob and I brought our weimapeake home at the end of last August. His name was "Olaf" at the time. We have named him Vinny and I wanted to send you a quick note and let you know that he is the best thing that has ever happened to us! While he has more energy than we ever expected, we adore him and his personality is so much fun. The early puppy months were a challenge with his energy level, but we exercise him almost 3 times a day since bringing him home. He loves being outside and running around and is very social and friendly to everyone around him. We constantly receive compliments on his breed and how good-looking of a pup he is!

I would recommend Prairie Sun pups to anyone out there, and have told many people about your website when they ask about where we got Vinny.

 Thanks again for giving us such a great addition to our lives!

​Volker Family

Here are some pictures! He is doing very well! He has such a cute personality..we just love him! I think he looks just like his mom if I remember right.

​Berg Family

Hi Laura, just thought you might like a couple pictures of Cooper on his home range in Wyoming. He is an outstanding dog in every way. Kind regards, Leah


I thought you might want to see what Hoss has turned into.  He is a great family dog and an amazing hunter.  He gets excited when it's time to "go to work."  We get nothing but compliments from those that hunt with Hoss and my husband.  Hoss is the calmest, most well-behaved dog, and he works like a mule (and loves every minute of it).  People are surprised to find out that he is only a year old, not only because he is so well behaved, but also because he performs so well.

We love him!
 Davis Family~

II have attached a recent pic of him if you were curious to see what he looks like now. He's clipped short because he loves exploring and keeps on getting into cockleburs and mud whatever smelly thing he can find. He has been impossible to keep clean this summer! He is such a good boy and I feel really blessed to have him.

​Grosberg Family

 I purchased a Chesapeake from you that was born in October of 2011.  I just wanted to give you an update on how he was doing.  His name is charlie.  He was 73 pounds last week, and is a very active dog.  He has his own personality that keeps us on our feet.  He loves to be around people and get attention, and loves to just relax and take naps.  He is very protective of my girlfriend and loves to lay and take naps with her, while with me he is very energetic and wants to run and play.  Every once in a while if I leave him with my girlfriend he gets dressed up.  He is very tolerant of children, and has been around many of different ages that like to pull on ears or even try to ride him.  Last October I took him out to our duck shack  in North Dakota where  he was able to get 35 retrieves on ducks over a few days span.  He was just 1 year old the day we drove out to ND so it was a little bit of a learning experience for the both of us.  Charlie is a great duck dog he will barrel into any water no matter what the temperature, in ND he actually had to brake through a small layer of ice a few times.  We also had him out pheasant hunting with very little luck, around here the numbers are way down.  He only got to retrieve 2 geese last season because of school I did not get out as much as I would have like to.  He also loves to dock jump.  I took him to the Game Fair in August of 2012 and he jumped 18 feet.  This summer we will be working with a trainer and going to work toward a junior hunt test title.  
Babcock Family~

ADI (Ah-dee) he is amazing. Happy full of energy and oh so smart.  

Jim has him trained and also to do tricks. He sits, stays, lays down, rolls over, shakes, plays dead and jumps thru Jim's arm hoop. He plays and retrieves. He loves the ball and frisbee. 

We all love him soooo much. Can't imagine life without him. 

Anyway all is well here.

Kruchten Family

Pics sent to us from previous customers over the years

He's been such a great addition to our family and we love him to pieces. He is going to be a big brother in July - so we're excited to see how he reacts to the baby! I know they will be the best of friends!

Thank you!

Vandecar Family

Just wanted to let you know that she is fitting in great!  Only has had 2 accidents while potty training.  She goes to the door but won't make a noise to let you know she has to go out.  She and my Chesapeake get along super!  She goes in on Monday to have her hernia repaired.
Thanks again.  We love her

Albiston Family

Tucker is such a wonderful, loved, spoiled member of our family. He spent all summer at a resort swimming every day. He hunted ducks and geese this fall and retrieved like a natural, he did great. He is enjoying the snow more than we are and loves growing up with our boys and Samoyed husky. Thank you for breeding such wonderful dogs. 
Thanks again, 
The Greene Family

I want to say thank you for Arti. He is such a good dog and I love him very much. I have attached a photo so you can see how he has grown.
Thanks again!
Owens Family

Little Olaf(formerly known as Amigo) is settling in well. He is so lovable! I had him to the Vet today and she said he is healthy and adorable. He is eating well, keeping us awake part of the night, and has been out for dinner(where he sat politely under my chair at an outside table), to a softball game (where he slept with my nieces while I played), and to petco. He gets along well with all of the other dogs he has met, loves my daughter's Great Dane. He weighs about 45 pounds and is a very curly boy. He even has curls on top of his head. He is sweet natured. Easy going, I can take him anywhere. What can I say other than he is a GREAT dog.

You raised a good one! Will send pictures as he grows so you can follow his progress.

Tenenbaum Family.

  We all are in love with the little dude!! He's been a wonderful addition to our family.  I've attached a couple pics for you. 

Stephen's Family

Things I've noticed about a Weimapeake as being different then our pure Weim are that Zayda is not as skiddish, she is very brave/calm in many situations.  Most noteably, her vision is incredible she has excellent sight for a dog of any breed.  Her retrieving abilty is very strong, and she wants to please me by bringing things to me all over the house.  

I wont hunt her this year, but I'm confident she would do well if I had.

She has become a loved family member.  Our daughter just adores her and Zayda is very good with our 4 year old daughter.  Our 8 year old pure Weim Star and Zayda love each other too they don't like being apart.  Star definately likes that Zayda isn't as puppy crazy as she used to be.  Thank you for raising/breeding such good dogs they are a blessing to all.

Oh, I forgot to mention, her watchdog personality is starting to come out now she is our little home defender now with our Weim too.

                              ~Frederickson Family

He loves playing on the farm. He is learning fast and really coming into his own. I love having him around and I'm very happy.

Savannah loves playing with him too.!

 Hammond Family~

Hi Laura. Just wanted to give you a quick pic and update of Rocco.

 He's doing great. He sits and waits for the eat command right along with the other boys. We need to take a video of it and share it with you.

 He does show some bone aggression toward the other dogs but we are working on it and he's getting better. We were talking last night about his personality and how he has just an awesome mellow temperament but if in an inexperienced home it could quickly become a bad situation.

 Our oldest dog likes to instigate lots of play with him. All of the boys spend a good part of the day outside playing.

 He walks on a leash like a pro. I told Seamus he needs to walk him because he is such a joy to walk.

 He is getting more curly as he grows. When he gets wet it's even curlier. He has earned the nickname Curly Sue lol. He enjoys the kiddie pool we have for the dogs. We'll be taking him to the lake once I get back from a work trip in June.

 Seamus has been working with him as far as retrieving a dummy. He does really well with the short retrieves as long as there are no distractions (i.e. the other dogs get brought in!). We are going to pick up some new scent and a new smaller dummy so we can get him started on tracking in the yard. We did play some scent games in the house that he quickly mastered lol.

Tolbert Family

Chunye could play fetch for hours if I let him. He is such a great dog. I get compliments on his behavior and temperament all the time. When I take him into work at the vet clinic clients can't believe how well he listens. He just follows me around everywhere.


We bought AJ from you back in October 2015.  One Of Cola's pups.  Here is how handsome and photogenic he has turned out.  He has been a terrific dog for us!  He has been a great help with my anxiety and alerting my husband when my asthma starts to flare up.  Recently I experienced a seizure from being dehydrated and trying to fight a nasty viral infection and AJ layed across my belly and barked for my husband.  He has been more than helpful with helping with me and my respiratory health problems.  we are in the process of training him to be a therapy dog for me as he has been so in tune with me and my health issues.
He has been a great dog and continues to be an outstanding addition to our family!

 Thank you
Espeland Family

Copper and Stormi's boy :) thanks for an amazing dog!!!

Anderson Family

Lilly is very calm and affectionate. (We were expecting a little more active dog but she is such a lover and the activity level is just right for us) She rarely barks and loves car rides. She can now get into and out of the truck cab without help now.   She has won her sleeping place on the bed. The whirlpool bathtub is her private swimming pool and she can not figure out why it is not full of water all the time. Just bath time!  She has been through Puppy Kindergarten and a 2 week Puppy Hunting Camp. We will be starting Puppy Obedience in a few weeks as well as have our vet appointment to be spayed scheduled.

Thanks for breeding such a beautiful breed of dogs. We are so happy in our decision to choose a weimapeake.

Here's an update on our beautiful Ellie (Honey). She is smart, sweet and sassy. She was 55 lbs last weighed in early Dec. 
happy new year!

 Anderson Family

Hendricks (formerly Bungee) is doing great!  He is almost 58 lbs already (7 1/2 months old)!  We would love to know how his brothers and sister are doing.  If you have contact information for them (emails) we would love to share stories and pictures :-)

​Winsand Family

I have owned labs,springers,and setters. The female I have is the best hunting dog I have ever had. She is fifty pounds but handles ten pound plus honkers with ease. Her will to retrieve is unmatched, she never tires and has a great nose for upland game. She is a great family dog. Thanks so much could not be more pleased.Keith, ND

Peri after playing in the snow.

Savolainen Family~

Remi is 3.5 now and has filled out his frame to about 85-90 lbs.  We didn't run any hunt tests this years since he earned his senior title last year and his owner was not good about working with him since to get him ready for master level tests; were hoping to run master next year.  
Remi just got done spending a very relaxing summer at home with my wife (Krysta) who is a teacher and is just getting back into the swing of hunting season with a successful youth opener and his first grouse hunt of the year last fall.  In addition to the usual weekends around home this fall Remi will be spending about a week in North Dakota picking up ducks and hunting sharpies.  He made a lot of retrieves out there last year and hopefully will be busy again this year.  
We will also be taking an annual trip to Winni to shoot divers in late fall, which is a great trip for Remi as well since he excels on the big water and in tracking down crippled divers when needed.  Remi has developed into a serious, quirky, sometimes stubborn but always lovable dog.  He receives constant compliments for his manners and continually impresses people with his crisp handling on blind retrieves and impressive strength and determination on marked retrieves.  Krysta still thinks he is the best looking dog in the world, as evidenced by his prominent position in our engagement pictures last summer and as the centerpiece of all the reception tables.

Klein Family 

We just wanted to send you a photo of Troop (Bear) who went hunting in October with our older lab Duke and myself.  We were only there a couple of days, saw one duck but a good time was had by all. We hope to get to Canada next year for a better hunt. Troop is a great dog, learns quickly and we couldn't be happier with him.  He gives our other dog a real run for his money!!  We'll send more photos from the next trip.

Stocker Family

Hope all is well – 4 of us Weimapeake owners met up at the dog park in Prior Lake this past weekend and had a play date! I thought you would like to see the pictures of them!
Could NOT of asked for a better dog than Kip!! He was a lot bigger than the other 3, I’m thinking because he’s the only one who’s dad was the Chessie but they had a blast together! 

Gernes Family

She's doing great weighted in at 8.5 # today. 

Grimes Family