Previous pups we have raised. These pups have found homes.

Chesapeakes of our past. Some of these dogs make up parts of the pedigree of some of our current dogs.


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Our Chessies

my parents & grandparents

Jersey is an incredible, solid retriever. She took to it naturally. She is our velcro dog and loves her people. If she had her way, belly rubs would be 24/7. Her interesting quark is she is in love with our oldest son.  She is equally loyal to our whole family but if she sees or catches wind of him she will lose her mind and wants nothing more than to be by his side.  She is queen of the side eye, squint and smerk! 

hips/elbows- pending.

DM, ED, EIC & PRA tested. Normal coated.


Baylee is AKC gorgeous light deadgrass female. She comes from a long line of PSP chessies. She averages 60lbs. 

OFA'd hips/elbows. DM, ED, EIC and PRA tested. Normal coated.

Baylee- born as Rell and changed her name. This little chesi has impressed us all.  Her most admiring trait  was as a  pup, she would bring her bumber through a pack of stronger dogs directly to her handler without hesitation.  She has grown to be an incredible retriever with a huge desire to get the job done. This girl has plenty of drive and a natural on marks and casting.  She does well with being part of our family but she does have a working dog attitude.  RETIRED

Jersey Girl

Hank (aka the big Stink) is some dog.  He loves everyone and lives for the game.  He will retrieve anything whether we want him to or not.  He loves to charge into the middle of the kids playing soccer and quickly becomes the center of attention.  He is a solid retriever who will daintily bring back a feather yet tough enough on a winged goose. I really like that this boy is loyal to the entire family and the kids can participate in his training sessions.  He is not just loyal to one handler. This boy is incredibly well tempered and is exactly the type of dog we like to see in our breeding program.

Hank is large boned yet very athletic.  He is a deep brown and has the red hue in the light.  He should add more bone to our bloodline.    He brings in a quality pedigree packed with many field and show champions.

OFA'd hips/elbows. DM, ED, EIC & PRA tested. Normal coated.