Hank (aka the big Stink) is some dog.  He loves everyone and lives for the game.  He will retrieve anything whether we want him to or not.  He loves to charge into the middle of the kids playing soccer and quickly becomes the center of attention.  He is a solid retriever who will daintily bring back a feather yet tough enough on a winged goose. I really like that this boy is loyal to the entire family and the kids can participate in his training sessions.  He is not just loyal to one handler. This boy is incredibly well tempered and is exactly the type of dog we like to see in our breeding program. 

OFA'd hips/elbows. LC, DM, ED, EIC & PRA-clear

Previous pups we have raised. These pups have found homes.


Decoy is such a well mannered easy keeper.  He is our young old man.  He is so calm and gentle around the house yet plenty of go in the field and trails. He is calm and polite with the people he meets. He is not always the type to share his toys.  He wants to be the keeper of the toy box! This red boy was our top pick from his litter and we were pretty fortunate to be able to take him back due to life changes with his previous owner.  

DM, ED & LC clear

EIC & PRCD-carrier

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Baylee is AKC gorgeous light deadgrass female. She comes from a long line of PSP chessies. She averages 60lbs. 

OFA'd hips/elbows. DM & ED -clear. EIC & PRCD-carrier. LC-clear

Baylee is now retired but still our spoiled brat! We were lucky enough to obtain one of her sons to keep her bloodline.

Our Chessies

Jersey is an incredible, solid retriever. She took to it naturally. She is our velcro dog and does not comprehend personal space. If she had her way, belly rubs would be 24/7.  She loves being in the center of whatever we do. Her favorite spot is under our feet and she will happily drag every toy under our feet as well.  Whether it's grooming schnauzers, washing dishes or in the garden, she loves to be by our side. She is queen of the side eye, squint and smerk! 

DM, ED, EIC & PRA-clear LC carrier

Jersey Girl

Teal is such a joy to have by our side.  She is simple happy to be with her boy!  She is a pleasure to train and doesn't give much gruff.  She is a the perfect 1st dog for our youngest son.  And these two are 2 peas in a pod and their only disagreement is on whether or not the human deserves to sleep in our not.

DM & LC carrier